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  Are you always on the latest diet but never seem to fix the heart of the problem or finally feel satisfied with your body? 

I help teen girls and women find freedom from the food struggle for good so that they can finally be at peace with food, themselves and their body.

They learn to think and feel differently about food, themselves and their health and no longer struggle with or around food. Instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and out of control around food, my clients feel at peace, empowered and confident.  I help them separate what’s physically holding them back from what’s emotionally stopping weight loss.

Imagine if you could ~

> feel calm and confident in your own skin

> take back your health and life

> love your body and learn to live in it healthily

> quit obsessing about food and your weight

> find freedom from the struggle with food

What if you could be free and feel at peace with food, your body, and your life. 
Well, sister ~ you can!

Hi, I’m Melissa!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m so glad you are here!   My family is my jam ~ my hubby and I have 2 kiddos who keep our lives full!   When I became a mama, I felt lost….in identity, in purpose and in overwhelm.  Not knowing how to handle it all, I stuffed my feelings with food {mainly sugar.}  Since learning new ways to handle my feelings, and losing weight for good, my mission is to encourage, support and journey with you to be the best YOU that you can be.  And that means finding freedom from the food struggle for good.

You don’t have to live in overwhelm.

You don’t have to be bottom of the priority list.

No more stressful binge eating episodes.

No more confusion about what, when or how much to eat.

You can live energized, not fatigued or burned out. 

You can enjoy life AND live fully!

You can be free from the struggle with food for good!

I know what it’s like to try everything and not get your desired results. 

Let me show you how! 

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY personalized food struggle assessment call now! 

What My Clients Are Saying

“Melissa is so easy to talk to and I’ve always felt supported, encouraged, and that I had someone with resources for anything that came up.

There have been so many moments in this journey that were like a switch turned on and I just think and feel differently about food, myself, and my health. It’s truly empowering and I don’t feel stuck anymore.”

~ Michelle

“The opportunity to have Melissa come along side me and encourage me in my health goals was such an amazing experience!  Each week she cheered me on in what I did well and kept encouraging me in other areas I still wanted to improve. She helped me to reframe my mindset and break away from fears. Melissa is such a great cheerleader for becoming your best self and I was able to achieve goals that didn’t feel attainable at the beginning.”   

~ Grace 

“I wanna shout out my girl, Melissa Rohlfs.  She’s helped me HEAL in so many ways. Physically and mentally. I hit TWENTY pound weight loss today. Actually, 20.3. #FoodHeals #DoTheWork

She’s just helped change my LIFE. Not just my diet. Thank you friend!! For EVERYTHING.” 

~ Kristi 


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