Transformational Coaching

with Melissa Rohlfs


Helping teen girls and women cultivate a
healthy body image & relationship with food.

Teen Girls ~ Nourishing Confidence KitWomen ~ Find Freedom From Food Struggles

Cultivating a healthy body image and relationship with food means ~


✅ No more diets or “forbidden foods”

 ✅ No more food guilt/food obsession


 ✅ No more overeating/bingeing


✅ No more uncontrollable cravings

✅ Liking what you see in the mirror and being thankful for the body you have.


           1. Get the free goodies        2. Take action          3. Find freedom 

I help teen girls and women find freedom from the food struggle for good so that they can finally be at peace with food, themselves and their body.

They learn to think and feel differently about food, themselves and their health and no longer struggle with or around food. Instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and out of control around food, my clients feel at peace, empowered and confident.  I help them cultivate a healthy body image and relationship with food.  They go from disliking what they see in the mirror to liking what they see and being thankful.  They develop a whole new healthy relationship with food and their bodies by learning natural, stress free strategies for lasting change.

What if you could be free and feel at peace with food, your body, and your life? 

Well, sister ~ you can!

Struggling with food and your body is exhausting.

You don’t go out to eat because you
don’t know what to eat.

You constantly think about food as
 “good,” or “bad.”

You’ve wasted so much time and money on trainers and programs yet still struggle.
And that makes you feel ashamed, guilty and like there is something wrong with you. 


You wonder if you will ever like what you see in the mirror, or how your clothes fit.
There is NOTHING wrong with you.

There is A LOT wrong with the DIEt industry.
Grab the goodies to learn how to find freedom from these struggles {There is one for teen girls and one for women.}

It’s time to ditch diets so you can nourish your soul.
Sound like you?  You’re not alone and we have the solution!
Imagine a life where you don’t ~

✅ Feel out of control around food.

✅ Find yourself in the pantry eating a whole package of Oreos because you are stressed.
✅ Use ice cream to calm down and relax, and to feel better at the end of a long day.
✅ Live by the latest diet plan or program out there.
✅ Dislike what you see in the mirror, or how your clothes fit.

You can have this life too.  Grab the goods!
Melissa Rohlfs found freedom from the
struggle with food after using food all
her life to feel better.  Her program uses
behavioral psychology, neuroscience,
habit change and  healthy lifestyle
design.  After finding freedom from the
lifelong struggle with food, she’s made it
her mission to help as many other teen
girls and women find freedom from the
food struggles.

Melissa knows first hand about food
struggles.  She started using food as a
child to numb, stuff and avoid things
going on around her that were out of
her control.  In high school, she wanted
to be thin, so went to eating very little to
lose weight.  These unhealthy patterns
with food followed her into marriage
and motherhood.  She tried diet after
diet hoping they would work, but
continued to use food to feel better. 
Learning the real reasons behind why
she turned to food were the game
changers for her.

She created these free resources for you to have an easy, joyful and peaceful relationship  with food.  She believes food is meant to be enjoyed, not a source of judgment or  stress as so many relate to it.  That’s why her free resources focus on what the diet industry doesn’t want you to know and how you can ditch diets and nourish your soul.

With these resources, you will learn the simple steps you can take to find freedom from the struggle with food, for good, and cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your body.

What My Clients Are Saying

“Melissa is so easy to talk to and I’ve always felt supported, encouraged, and that I had someone with resources for anything that came up.

There have been so many moments in this journey that were like a switch turned on and I just think and feel differently about food, myself, and my health. It’s truly empowering and I don’t feel stuck anymore.”

~ Michelle

“The opportunity to have Melissa come along side me and encourage me in my health goals was such an amazing experience!  Each week she cheered me on in what I did well and kept encouraging me in other areas I still wanted to improve. She helped me to reframe my mindset and break away from fears. Melissa is such a great cheerleader for becoming your best self and I was able to achieve goals that didn’t feel attainable at the beginning.”   

~ Grace 

“You’ve been a huge help, such an encouragement, so supportive. I appreciate you. My daughter is in a more peaceful, healthy, independent place because of you. You truly care, and that makes all the difference, that and God.”

~ Charity, mother of a client 


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