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I help busy, overwhelmed moms {who often appear to have it all together under their “supermom” capes} to live every day with energy, excitement and the ability to be the best woman, mom, wife and friend they can be without gaining weight, feeling exhausted or being addicted to sugar.  I teach you to nourish your body, break free from sugar cravings, and heal your relationship with food.

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Active and Healthy but Weight's Not Coming Off?

After hitting rock bottom and being overweight, tired of being tired and lethargic, it was time to try something new. Not only did I learn I had food intolerances, a friend introduced me to clean eating (eating food in it’s most natural, unprocessed form), and eating regularly.

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What People Are Saying

Working with Melissa has been so helpful to finding my path to health and wholeness. She is kind and compassionate and allows space for my health journey to be personal and guided by what will bring the most health to me. She is not formulaic, but rather holistic, taking the time to listen to my story and help guide me to a life that will nourish not only my physical body but my spirit and soul. She is a wealth of knowledge that is evidence based and full of truth. Anyone that works with her will have amazing support in learning about their path to a well lived life. She is amazing! Miracle B

The opportunity to have Melissa come along side me and encourage me in my health goals was such an amazing experience! I was looking forward to the accountability & support a health coach could bring but Melissa exceeded my expectations. Every week she cheered me on in what I did well and kept encouraging me in other areas I still wanted to improve. She helped me to reframe my mindset & break away from fears. Melissa is such a great cheerleader for becoming your best self and I was able to achieve goals that didn’t feel attainable at the beginning. Thank you, Melissa!! Grace C.

I want to say THANK YOU for starting me on this journey back to health. I’ve been working out at home for a year this month. A year ago I was terrified of not being able to change habits: eating and exercising plus not thinking I could exercise every day for 21 days. Fear of Failure, big time! Both your story and encouragement plus the accountability really, really got me hooked. I’m utterly grateful! Today I feel better, have more energy, am stronger and weigh 20 lbs lighter than a year ago. I didn’t have any weight loss goal in mind at all so needless to say, I’m delighted! The baby weight and excuses are gone. I learned a lot about myself and my thought life and hopefully have been a good example to my family. Thank you, thank you!! You’ve been very inspiring to me through your own story of health and current day to day authenticity! I wanted you to know that your ministry in this has been impactful in at least one woman’s life. Sonja G.

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