It’s Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there.

Hardest job on the planet, and the one with the least amount of training, it seems like. At least I felt/feel that way. Today, my heart is to encourage you on your journey. Especially now as our world fills full of judgement, division and lack of unity. I fully believe if we can replace judgement with curiosity and find unity and remember we are all in this together, the world could look much different than it does now. We are raising the next generation, mamas, so don’t negate the impact you have on changing the world. I think sometimes it’s easy to feel sidelined as a mom, like you’ve lost yourself in the midst of dirty diapers, feedings, and tending to every need to this tiny new human you brought home from the hospital to where they are now on their journey. At least that’s how I felt. However, just the opposite can be true.

For me, this hardest job on the planet has turned into a place of me finding deep healing, peeling off layers of fears, and letting my authentic self shine without worry or concern of what others think. This calling has allowed me to rise up and become the best version of myself. Not for me, but for my kids. Because I knew they deserved and needed more than what was in my toolbox. When I realized that more is caught than taught, it caused me to re-evaluate and access every area of my life and what I was passing onto them without even realizing it. Part of my journey has been looking at WHY I think what I think or what impressions were made on me and how that impacts me now. What if motherhood is really an opportunity to be refined and become the best version of yourself? Instead of viewing it as being sidelined, what if we viewed it as an opportunity to RISE UP?

I’m so thankful for the hard journey I have been on and the big ol’ bumps in the road that have been on my path. With my coaching, I have the gift of working with other mamas who also desire to rise up and change the trajectory of their family. Someone recently introduced me to the quote by William Ross Wallace that says “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” Mamas, please don’t negate this important job. Don’t think you have been sidelined, don’t think it’s a setback. It may very well just be what propels you into the best version of yourself.

Mama, I know it’s hard.
I see you.
I hear you.
I honor you.

You are doing amazing, keep going. You got this! I am cheering you on!

Love and hugs,


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