How to reduce your own risk of mold exposure

Some of the best ways to reduce the onset of mold in the home can include things like using a dehumidifier, keeping all areas of the house dry and not wet, fixing leaks, regular checking and keeping up maintenance on heating and cooling systems, and increasing...

How To Combat Toxic Mold

We have all been naturally programmed to associate mold with a major negative connotation, noting that it could make you seriously ill if ingested. Many molds can produce something called mycotoxins, which are certain types of mold that can grow on numerous types of...
Toxin-Free Makeup Brands For Healthier Skin

Toxin-Free Makeup Brands For Healthier Skin

Today, many brands and companies are going as green as possible and reducing the number of toxins in their products or going completely clean all the way. This includes makeup brands – many are going cruelty-free, vegan, and more, going toxin-free all while...


Today, I would love to introduce you to a very special person. I’d like you to meet my client, Michelle.Here is what she has to say about our journey together ~ If you’d like to have a story like Michelle’s, let’s chat! You can schedule a...

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