Let’s say you’re feeling down lately; it happens, and it’s very common. It’s normal to feel like nothing is motivating or inspiring you and you just feel completely unfulfilled. Your spirit is low and suffering. You can boost your spirit by merely writing a love letter to yourself. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Write a love letter to myself? That sounds silly.” It might, but it’s just silly enough to help benefit your overall well-being.

Write a love letter to yourself so that you get the most out of it and truly feel a difference afterward.

1. Do not type it out. Write it out.

Crack open a notebook, pick up a pen or pencil, and get to writing! Writing things down with a pen or pencil is much more personable. Write slowly. Use whatever kind of handwriting you wish (elegant or sloppy). Whatever feels best to you.

2. Walk down memory lane.

Nostalgia can provide an incredibly happy and fulfilling feeling. Welcome yourself in the letter with a beloved memory from your past. It is as simple as writing, “Do you remember when…” and then continuing with a memory that makes you feel truly happy and at peace.

3. Compliment yourself.

Think of this as a positive affirmation. Positive affirmations are essentially talking to yourself (or someone else talking to you) and saying positive things like, “You did a great job with your work today,” or, “Your family and friends love and care about you.” Include this in your love letter to yourself and add how amazing you are, all the incredible things you have done and continue to do, etc. Know that you matter.

4. Conclude with grace.

Every letter must come to an end, no? Be sure to conclude your letter with an uplifting message to yourself. It can be something like, “Keep smiling; your smile is beautiful.” Something that will bring a happy ending to your love letter and inspire you to feel fulfilled after reading it.

5. Save it for a rainy day.

Chances are, there will be more bad days when you are feeling spiritually down. We are human, and it happens. Place the letter in an envelope when you are done, address it to yourself, and store it away in a visible place. It will be a daily reminder to be kind to yourself and to remember that you can always grab that letter and read it when you are feeling down.

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