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Well, hello there, blog!  It is nice to see you again.  I am sorry if you have felt neglected….summer has been in full force which has meant kids being home, shuttling them around, serving at our Mega Sports Camp at church, working on classes with the Health Coach Institute and soaking in life.  And, truth be told, very little “alone time.”  Yes, there have been some bumps along the way, which I am trying to process and navigate through {did you know that my personality is analytical?  Not that I needed a test to tell me, but it is true.}  So, that is where I have been.

Today is the 4th of July.  It has caused me to reflect on so many things {see, analytical again!}….freedom, life, parenting, the power of choice and so on.  The main reflection I want to share today is where our lives were just 9 years ago, as this day 9 years ago was a major turning point for our family, though I don’t think we realized it at the time.

See, we had a newborn.  Our daughter was born in April and we wanted to have some friends over for a 4th of July cookout.  Our daughter was decked out in her cutest red, white and blue outfit and we were excited to host our friends!  I think it was the first time we hosted since we had her, which we loved to do.  However, the day did not go at all as I had planned in my pretty little mind that day.

So, we had a child who had colic, a mom who had postpartum depression {or so we thought, keep reading for more on this,} and a serious fear issue.  What this meant was MULTIPLE trips to our pediatrician for every thing under the sun {he was literally less than 5 miles away from us, ha!}. We had been in to see him for her colic, which he told us was normal and there was nothing that we could do about it.  She would just need to outgrow it.  So, we took his advice and tried to go on but if you’ve had child with colic you know how trying this is.  Add onto that a mom with undiagnosed PTSD {it really wasn’t postpartum, but likely undiagnosed PTSD and the screaming would “trigger” me.  Nice, huh?}  We were a very hot mess and the day of the cookout it kind of came to a halt.  Our daughter had been crying, and crying, and crying and crying….for hours.  And nothing would stop.

I was a frazzled mom trying to get things ready for our guests, Chad was consoling the baby and it was trying.  Not to mention I was triggered from her crying at the time…..one of our dear friends who came over suggested chiropractic, which led to me having a few thoughts on this.  They went from here to here ~ “Are you crazy?”  “What would a chiropractor due to our child?   Why does a baby need a chiropractor?”  “At this point, we are so desperate, we would try anything.”  Our friend continued to explain that it looked like our daughter had gas and was just uncomfortable.  Sure enough, the next day we made the appointment and it was eye opening for us!

We learned over the course of our time with this chiropractor that our daughter likely had a dairy issue so if I cut dairy out of my diet, that would help her {I was nursing at the time and supplementing with some formula.  We also used a dairy free, soy free formula when supplementing.}  We also learned that because she was born via c-section that her body didn’t experience going through the birth canal, which affected the pressure in her body.  So, we did some exercises he suggested and went to a cranio-sacral therapist.  And, ya know what?  Her colic got better!  I’m so thankful we didn’t want for her to “outgrow it.”  We knew there was something going on, but we didn’t know what to do beyond what had been suggested to us by our pediatrician.  I’m so thankful our friend suggested the chiropractor as it literally changed our lives and really, was a stepping stone for where we are today.  That insight opened our eyes to so much and really started us on this slow journey to realizing how what we eat affects our health.

So, looking back, it seems fitting that this all started on the 4th of July…..Independence Day.  As it was the start to freedom for our family.  Hope you’ve had a great holiday!  Blessings on you!


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