Yesterday, I was on a mission in the kitchen, making grain free bread, cliff bars for the kids, tomato-free spaghetti sauce and dinner prep while the kids were in school.  Today, while they were in school, I was cleaning the house. Granted, the house didn’t need to be cleaned, as I just cleaned it about a week ago.  Once I realized this, it made me ask myself what is going on here?  What is the root of this?

I feel heavy hearted for a local family, and have all week since hearing about their sweet boy’s accident.  As I continue to read the updates on the facebook page they set up, my heart continues to feel sorrow and grief for them.  Granted, I don’t know this family, but they are a part of our local community and a part of the body of Christ as well.  As 1 Corinthians 12 says, “if one part {of the body} suffers, we all suffer with it.”  {Summarized by me, here.}  I am suffering with this family watching their journey.  I have been pressing into God, interceding for their sweet boy, their family, for a miracle {which to me, would be him living and being healed}, listening to worship music quite a bit and just praying for them.  Yet, it doesn’t feel like enough, so the control freak in me feels the need to “do.”  Anyone relate?   That’s where the cooking and cleaning came from….the desire to do something.  Granted, it it nothing to help, but the state of doing something maybe keeps my mind off of it?

Please keep praying for this sweet family as today is going to be a tough day for them.  What do you do when you are heavy hearted?  Anyone relate to my need to “do?”  Thank you for your prayer support of this sweet family, may Jesus meet their every need, feeling and emotion as they trust Him on this road.



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