How the devil is like keys…..

I was on a walk a while ago {before school started, actually}.  The kids were at the gym’s childcare and my keys were in my side pocket.  As I was getting started on my walk, the keys didn’t seem to bother me.  I knew they were there, but they were not really impacting me.  However, as I continued on my walk, they started to poke me and become a nuisance.  I got frustrated with them after a while, so much so, that I moved them.  “Ahh, that’s better, I thought.”  Walk continues……the keys then got so annoying that they had been moved to the place they started at.  So I put them back in side pocket mentioned above.  Again, they didn’t seem to bother me.  “Why did I move them the first time?”  “They weren’t so bad there,” are some of the thoughts I had.

Then it hit me, that is just like the devil!  You see, he isn’t bothering us enough to do anything so we keep putting up with him and his tactics.  {Leaving keys in the pocket as above.}  Finally, we get to the point of needing to take action/do something so we do.  {Move keys to new place}  We are enjoying the freedom, the deliverance, the obstacles that have been removed, until it happens again.  We get comfortable and think “that wasn’t so bad, why did I think that was such a problem before?” {Put keys back in original place}  So, we continue down the path we had been on {gossip, over-eating, idolatry, whatever it is}, only to realize we have had enough of it, again!  What does it look like to live a life of keys where they need to be?  Where they don’t bother you?  What does that look like for us – to live a free life?  To be really free?  “So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.”  ~ John 8:36  What are the “keys” in your life, friends?


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