Some of the best ways to reduce the onset of mold in the home can include things like using a dehumidifier, keeping all areas of the house dry and not wet, fixing leaks, regular checking and keeping up maintenance on heating and cooling systems, and increasing circulation/ventilation. 

This was just a brief intro to the danger of toxic mold and what you can do about it, whether you test positive or negative for mycotoxins. It is important to do everything you can to prevent the onset of mold in the home so you and others can stay feeling well and not having to make a trip to the doctor! While outdoor molds can be extremely beneficial, anything inside the home should not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately to prevent any further, serious issues. 

How To Stay Healthy in Our Modern World.

Living in today’s world, holistically and healthily, has become challenging considering there are pollutants in almost everything. From the food we eat to the cleaning products we use, we could all be making better choices that benefit us from the inside out. One of the best ways to become truly healthy is to enjoy the benefits that nature has to offer us – this means making moves to go more green and natural. And it is possible to do so, even in today’s modern world!

Find a green market.

Farmer’s markets are everywhere. Just look one up in a simple Google search and chances are, you will find one nearby! However, green markets are a bit different in that it refers to previously owned products that have been previously used and put back into productive use. The products are environmentally friendly and the techniques of ‘going green’ are especially popular these days as people become more aware and concerned of environmental issues. People can be sure that their money is going towards a service that is environmentally friendly to the planet, while also benefiting their own health.

Clean out your medicine cabinet.

Most medicine cabinets can be jam-packed with a lot of medication that benefits the big, pharmaceutical companies. But, in today’s modern world, more holistic methods of medicinal purposes are coming into play and taking over medicine cabinets worldwide. There are tons of natural remedies for things that don’t even require looking into other methods such as essential oils. Simply look in your pantry and chances are, you might have some at-home remedies for killing a sore throat or even treating acid reflux. 

Freshen up! 

Adding indoor plants to your home is a great way to freshen things up, clear the sinuses and congestion, and more. Indoor plants such as Jasmine, Lilies, and Rosemary can not only help add a little bit of fun decor in the house, but they are proven to help improve the air quality inside a house as they can absorb up to 90% of pollutants and chemicals that are present. 

In conclusion, exposure to nature and the natural world can truly help your overall health and well-being. From helping you feel better emotionally to helping to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension, being present in nature in as many ways as possible can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. 


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