How do you start your day? If you’ve been trying to get up earlier so you can attain greater focus during your day, then you probably have heard that one of the key parts of getting there is through having a solid morning ritual. When you do a morning ritual, you’re more likely to have quiet reflective time to yourself. The next few paragraphs will be sharing a few ways for you to practice self-care in the morning. With our kids being back in school, I am super thankful for this time. It might be earlier than it was in the summer, but it’s good!

Self-Care Starts in Bed

When you wake up, there’s no reason to jump up and start doing things immediately. Some health professionals are fairly vocal that such instant activity could harshly shock the system. That means that some light activity to help increase blood flow would be preferable, and even recommended. Give your body a chance to begin circulating your blood.

Stay Tech Free

When you first wake up in the morning as a tech connected person, the first thing that you think about is what might be going on in the digital world. Unfortunately, studies have begun to look at how the constant connection that people have with technology is starting to affect people and the information doesn’t look great. The amount of stress that people experience as a result of this continuous unbroken contact is kept at a consistent level at all times. Disconnecting can help break you away from that stress and give you time to think without the constant noise. You can reflect and process your thoughts. 

To do this, keep your phone turned off and not anywhere near you when you’re sleeping. Wake up with a regular alarm clock instead of a phone alarm, and don’t check your phone until you have completed the rest of your morning routine.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Air

Even though you are breathing in and out every day of your life, breathing correctly still takes focused and deliberate effort until it becomes natural. It’s easy to forget about the rewards that you can gain from simply increasing the efficiency of one or more physiological systems.

Beauty and Pampering

One of the greatest things about having more time to take care of yourself, is that you get to spend time doing proper skin care. That’s a lot more comforting than tumbling out of bed, rolling your hair into a bun and trying to put on eyeliner while running full speed down a hallway to your car. Moisturizing skin and conditioning your hair does more than make you look and feel good, it can also help protect you from genetic damage caused by sun exposure and pollution.

Keep it Simple and Flexible

At the end of the day, what really matters is how you feel. Ask yourself if you feel good. There’s no reason why there have to be an arbitrary number of things that you have to do to make this experience complete. This is simply a list that gives you options of things that you can try.

If you’d like to talk more about making healthy habits in your life, please set up a chat here. I’d love to come up with a plan for you to live your healthiest life! And, be sure to grab my free bundle ~ How to Nourish Yourself as a Busy Mama here.


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