Overcome Your Trauma!

This page is dedicated to some of the most powerful tools on my  journey with trauma.  I hope you find these resources as helpful to you as they have been to me.


The first part of the journey is to understand how trauma affects you and shows up in your body, and your life.  To get this information in my recorded workshop, please register here and it will come to your inbox.

Other resources that may be helpful on your journey:


Nutrition has had such a huge impact on my journey. I’ve found ways to make healthy delicious, so grab some of my favorite healthy recipes here.

Breaking Free from Sugar

I was the worlds biggest sugar addict, but have found freedom and you can too.  Grab this guide on Indulging Your Sweet Tooth High Quality Style and enjoy not being deprived!


This is a favorite tool to share with clients because this one little thing can have a HUGE impact in calming the nervous system down.  Learn about the breathing technique here.  

Feeling My Feelings

Having freedom and space to process my feelings in a safe space was pivotal on my path.  I used to eat them, now I no longer do that.  Grab this guide and learn more about upcoming workshops on this, too.


Here is guide that might be helpful if you have not journaled before.  This is a great resource with some guidance on how to journal.


Finding movement that was safe and fit into my busy schedule {and that I enjoyed!} was also very helpful on my healing journey.  Here are some of my favorite effective and efficient at home workouts.

Non Toxic Products

Switching our personal care and household products to non toxic products were also a part of my journey.  Here is a company whose mission I love who offers some non toxic products.


My faith and walk with the Lord have had the most profound impact on my healing journey.  Once I realized He wants us healthy and well, everything changed for me.  Here is a prayer for you as you begin your journey.

Want to Connect?

This is just a sampling of the most valuable resources I have found on my journey.  I’d love to talk with you more and see if coaching might be the next best step for you.  To schedule a Feel Good Without Food Strategy Session, please go here.

Please note that multiple times during the year, I host free workshops on the topics of ~

Finding Freedom from Emotional Eating 

Finding Body Freedom and Peace 

How and Why to Break Free from the Sugar Habit



Once you sign up to receive emails from me, you will automatically be notified about these free workshops.  Can’t wait to see you there!



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