As you likely know, I am in training with the Health Coach Institute to become a Certified Health Coach, which is super exciting!   It’s also been SUPER refining, like refining, as in I may need more therapy {which is not a bad thing, we have to work through our “kinks,” right?}  It’s made me more aware of why I view things the way I do, beyond just food and fitness, but things in life.  It’s made me aware of feelings that I have suppressed and why I have done so. Sometimes, in life, we develop ways to cope with things that serve us well for that season, but once that season is over, those things might not serve us well.  So, we can choose to continue to operate out of old patters for various reasons {change is too hard, not having the tools/training/resources needed to change, not having the support, etc.}, or we can choose to acknowledge that those old mechanisms aren’t serving us well currently and do something about it.  This is the point I have reached with this aspect of parenting.

Some things you should know about me if you’re reading this and don’t know me well.  I have been a stay at home/work at home mama for nine years since our daughter was born.  I am VERY business minded, extroverted, love to talk about things like vision, strategy, planning, etc.  I’m also a doer, a “mover and a shaker,” as the say.  This is who I am and for nine years, that part of me has not been completely fulfilled.  Sure, to some degree, with my various businesses it has, but I think there is more for me to do {that’s a work in progress, I have no updates on that now, but hope to in the future!}

It has been occurring to me this summer how much my personality being home with our kids has created a HUGE disservice to them.  Why?  Because when something needs done, I do it.  Laundry on the floor?  I pick it up.  Dishes on the counter?  I put them in the dishwasher.  Towel not hung back up in the bathroom after handwashing?  I put it back.  Beds unmade?  I make them.  See the trend?  I have not taught my kids how to be responsible for themselves because I have been so busy doing it all for them.  That, my friends, is a huge disservice to them and has created a lack of responsibility in them and a degree of disrespect as well.   So, guess what we are working on this summer? It’s amazing to me that in my nine years I am just NOW noticing this!  Thank the Lord for revelation!  We would appreciate your prayers as we focus on these heart issues, friends.  Any tips or advice?  We welcome them!

Love and hugs,


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