Food Freedom Circle


Are you a busy, overwhelmed mom looking to feed your family better?  If so, I got you!

• Healthy meals
• Easy to prep
• Easy to make
• Easy to plan your life when you are time deficient

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, I’m here to simplify it for you!  Each month, you will receive live coaching around the topic of the month, as well as recipe guides, meal suggestions and a grocery list for the month!  Please note the price is $27 for the first month, then $17 each additional month.




Here’s what you get in the Food Freedom Circle:

The Free 30-Day Kickstart Program –Start off on the right foot with our 30-day kickstart program. If you’ve even tried a diet or wellness program that you were not able to follow, then you will love this program. When you join, you’ll receive our 30-Day Kickstart PDF guide with recipes, meal suggestions, as well as lessons, support, and inspiration delivered via email to give you the strong foundation to kickstart your healthiest year yet.

New Wellness Bundles Released Each Month –This is where your ongoing support comes in. Increase your health awareness and continue to build healthy habits each month. On a monthly basis, you will receive new downloadable ebooks, recipes, meal suggestions, grocery list, inspiration about different areas of wellness, as well as live coaching on the monthly topic. Our members excitedly wait every month for the next bundle ~ it’s like getting a new gift every single month… just for you! And, it’s good for you ~ AND your family!

Online Community – Wellness is about waaay more than education. It’s about connection and community. When you join The Freedom Circle, you get a built in community of women all working towards the same goal ~ to become our healthiest selves. We encourage and support each other. There is a live coaching topic each month!

Access to The Wellness Bundle Library –The Freedom Circle is a full library on healthy living ~ from nutrition to natural beauty to energy to lifestyle. You will get access to all of our previous content, including coaching videos, recipes, cheat sheets, handouts, and more.


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