What I Do

I’m on a mission to educate moms on how the things they put into their bodies can affect them ~mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. My desire is to walk alongside others who might be as uneducated as I was and teach them how to take care of themselves so they can be their best selves.

My journey hasn’t been easy, but it has brought me where I am today, and for that, I am thankful. I’ve learned that having a healthy mind + healthy food + a healthy body is the recipe for a healthy life; a life lived to the fullest! I want that for you! Please let me share my journey with you, so you can see where I’ve been. If you relate to some of my story and are looking for someone to walk alongside you, please let me know. I would be humbled to walk this road to wellness with you.


                          My Commitment

This is simple and straightforward. If you go all in, you can always count on me to meet you there. When I work with a new client who is determined to reach a goal, I will do everything and I mean everything I can to support them in reaching that goal. This coach is 100% committed to her clients! I will never stop encouraging, teaching and guiding you as long as you show up for yourself. Seeing my clients transform the lives and health of themselves and their families is my joy!

Healthy Life

After some years of living the unhealthy life, and basically trashing myself with my thoughts, what I put into my body and lack of exercise, I am thankful that I found the strength to turn a corner and start living a healthy life. Now, I eat better and exercise regularly. My energy level is higher, waking up is much easier in the morning, my dependence on caffeine is less, and my body craves healthy foods rather than the sugary junk it used to get. However, I think the greatest benefit so far is feeling more alive. I’m more engaged and in tune with my family. I can be the fun mom who wants to play with my kids and do things, rather than sit home and surf facebook because my mind isn’t in a good place or I don’t have the energy to be there for them.

Let me help you achieve the same thing!  

Healthy Food

The healthy food journey is what I have struggled with, all my life, really. I remember as a kid, going to my grandparents house and going directly to the junk/ candy drawer. From a young age, I learned that food is comforting. It is always there. When you are sad, it is there. When you are stressed, it is there. I grew up learning that food is comfort. Now I know that food should fuel your body.

I’m so thankful I have learned how to fuel my body, not abuse it anymore with food!  In turn, I’m able to teach my family, my friends, and my clients to do the same.

Healthy Body

I will be the first to admit this was the final step in my journey to health and wholeness. I was overweight as a kid, struggled with anorexia for a bit in high school, didn’t gain the freshman 15 in college thanks to jaw surgery and having my jaw wired shut, but I did plump up my sophomore year in college. I had always exercised and knew that I needed to burn calories to lose weight, but I misunderstood how food affected and impacted both my body and my mindset. After all, why pay attention to food, when exercise was a constant?

My poor nutritional habits continued into my married life. During my first pregnancy my diet consisted of a McDonald’s cheeseburger, fries and a Coke DAILY. A little bit later, we found out we were expecting baby #2, our son. No McDonalds this time, thankfully! After we had our son we found out that our 27 month old child had food allergies, wheat and dairy, and sensory processing ​disorder. In turn, we became a wheat and dairy-free family, which has made a huge difference for all of us! For more information on eliminating wheat and dairy from your diet, please contact me. One of my passions is to help parents and children with sensory challenges and food allergies/intolerances. It is what got me started on this journey to become a Certified Health Coach.

Healthy Mind

I love this saying – “Change your thoughts, and you will change your world.”  ~ Norman Vincent. The mind is SO powerful! One of my favorite books is “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. It teaches you how changing your mind will change your life. I have experienced the freedom of having an uncluttered mind free of worry, stress, anxiety and stinkin’ thinkin’.  

So, how can we set ourselves  apart by our thoughts and our thought life? It is a discipline and a practice to do this. Some things that may be helpful on your journey are:

* Cutting out the junk that comes into your mind.

* Focus on reading, watching or listening to things that inspire you and lift you up.  

* Journaling can also be a helpful way to organize your thoughts.

* Cleaning up your relationships.

Personally, I get my mindset in the “right” place for the day by having some quiet time in the morning before the kids are up. During this time, I read my Bible, I pray, I might journal. I just take some time in the quiet to get my eyes in the right place for the day. It makes all the difference in my day, too!

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