“It’s been a while” was a sentence my friend and I said to one another today at our coffee date. She’s a dear, local friend and we haven’t seen each other in months, which for us, is a long time. I kinda feel like this about the blog….it’s been a while.

It’s been a rough few months, to be honest, friends. We have had lots of company visiting from out of state, which has been awesome, we have had normal life situations, some complicated life situations, which have been interesting to navigate, and then the loss of our sweet son’s 9 year old classmate, Nolan, a few weeks ago. It’s been a super hard season to navigate friends, in all honesty, and now, we are amidst the chaos of the coronavirus. In fact, my husband, who goes to Sam’s Club weekly for us, just texted me saying the shelves are bare and people have lost their minds. It’s interesting what a perceived crisis does to our society. Sometimes, it takes my breath away.

In fact, my heart is sad, and shocked at how people are responding to things. I haven’t said much, but feel it’s time to do so. By choice, I have managed to avoid most of the “hysteria” in person, however, when I have been out in the stores, it’s like the twilight zone – people have carts filled with bottled water, the toilet paper shelves are totally empty, people walking around with a look of fear and nervousness on their faces. You can see it in their eyes. Distrust feels high, almost like we are against each other, instead of with and for each other. And it’s sad. It’s sad to see society this way. It’s sad to think of raising kids in a culture like this. Emotionally, I wasn’t prepared for this right after the loss of our son’s classmate. If anything, this is the time to come together, rally and support one another, not be fighting one another. What kind of world do we live in? It’s like the virus is making us an “every man for himself” instead of a “how can I help you today?” society. It’s sad.

And, I haven’t even started about the health side of this 😉 In fact, a few years ago, all of this would have lead me to eating sleeves of Oreos in the pantry, or living off of the Starbucks lattes in the drive thru because that is how I handled the overwhelming emotions I didn’t know how to handle/cope/walk through. And, the past few weeks there have been a tsunami of those for me, friends. And, guess what? None of them have lead me back to those old habits, and for that I’m thankful. In light of the coronavirus, it’s been interesting to watch how we as a country care for, or don’t care for our health. For years, I’ve said we are slowly killing our kids with all of the sugar at their fingertips. We seem to associate all good things with treats, or food rewards. We celebrate with treat after treat, after treat. We don’t have room for the good, because we are so obsessed with the bad.

When we look at the store shelves and what is gone, it’s mainly toilet paper, bottled water, foods that aren’t great for you. We as a country have fallen prey to being busy and not caring well for ourselves and we don’t eat real, live food, instead we eat processed foods full of chemicals, preservatives and additives because we don’t understand the impact food has on our health or on our mood. We only tend to associate food with weight and there is SO MUCH more than that, friends. As a country, we are addicted to our comforts ~ our sugar, our coffee, our pop and turn to it instead of working through the emotions/feelings {and sad to say the American church as a whole isn’t much help with this either.}

I could go on, but if the situation of the world around you is serving as a wake up call to you and your life and or health, here are some things you can do right now to help your overall health:

🔸️Get enough sleep 😴
🔸️Decrease sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, processed foods 🍷
🔸️Increase sunshine everyday ☀️
🔸️Drink adequate clean unflouridated water 💧
🔸️Have a good, positive mindset ❤
🔸️Stress management ~ choose to think like a a healthy person instead of living in fear of a virus.🌹

THIS is why I became a coach. It wasn’t to sell you the latest product of the month or to get into fear mongering. It was to help people realize that they can be empowered with their health and they CAN do it.  Sometimes, we just need to be equipped and empowered with the right information. If you need help with ANY of these things, please let me know. I have lots of guides/checklists/etc on how walk these things out. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves. 


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