If you want to pay more attention to yourself and practice self care, it helps to start by working on your morning routine. If you are just hopping out of bed, grabbing breakfast, and running out the door, you are probably already stressed by the time you get into your car. A healthier option is to start a better morning routine with these tips. {One of my favorite times of day is in the morning before everyone else is up!}

Read a Few Pages in a Book

If you can set your alarm for an earlier time, it gives you the chance to catch up on your reading. Find a book that is inspirational and helps motivate you for the day. Read just a few pages or a whole chapter, depending on how much free time you have. This can be while you are having your morning coffee, or when your muffins are in the oven. Take advantage of these quiet moments and become absorbed in your favorite book.

Have Quiet Time With Coffee

Whether you drink coffee or tea in the morning, you can make this part of your self care ritual. Try to have your first cup of coffee in the morning all alone and in silence. You can read a paper, write in your journal, or sit on your patio and listen to the birds chirping as the sun comes up. This is another great reason to wake up a little earlier than everyone else in your household. You will be amazed by how much better you feel with just a few minutes to yourself. If you need some DIY healthy coffeehouse swaps, grab yours here.

Unplug Your Devices

When you are trying to start a new morning routine for self care purposes, you should unplug all devices. Don’t try to enjoy a few minutes to yourself by using your cell phone or checking email. Checking social media too much can also be more stressful. You should turn all electronics off during your self care time in the morning and not turn it on until you absolutely need it. A good practice to start is to turn your cell phone off after the alarm goes off to wake you up in the morning.

Practice Meditation

The morning is also the ideal time to meditate and pray.  You can also try breathing exercises. If you want to take a walk in the morning, that can also help you to destress. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and need someone to chat with to help end the overwhelm, please schedule a chat here.

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