Good morning, friends! I’m up before 6 a.m. on Easter morning writing to you. “Ain’t No Grave” by Bethel is playing in the background because it’s been in my mind since waking up. Isn’t this what we celebrate on Easter? The fact that we serve a Risen Savior! The grave could not hold Him! He is alive! Man, aren’t you thankful for that? I am. Why? Because it means that not only do we have the opportunity for eternal life, which is huge, BUT we ALSO have access to a life FULLY lived here on earth. However, as someone who was not living fully on this earth not too many years ago, it pains me to see those who are also not living fully. Salvation is about WAAAY more than a “get out of hell” card, friends.

In the song, “Ain’t No Grave,” there are a few words the artist sings that I have found freedom from. Shame. Fear. My list would also include guilt, perfectionism, people pleasing, overeating, saying yes when I wanted to say no, over spending, not taking care of myself, negative thought patterns/habits, the freedom to truly be myself, Melissa. I was too busy looking for my worth/acceptance/approval in other places ~ other peoples opinions, my weight, how I looked, a career, how my home looked, how my children acted, etc. It was exhausting. You’re exhausted reading that list, aren’t you? Be honest 🙂

There were a lot of “graves” I had to overcome to not let them hold me down. And, yes, you likely primarily think of me with weight loss, eh? There are no words to describe that the weight of all those things carried for me. Not a physical weight, but an emotional and mental one, which is just as exhausting and troublesome to health as physical weight is. See, when I began the healing journey from the inside, the outside fell into place. There were a myriad of issues that needed addressed, mind you ~ trauma, unhealthy relationship with food, unknown food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, my thoughts, etc.

Maybe at this point you’re wondering what made me decide to overcome these things? And how did I do it? What made me decide to do it was my kids. I knew they deserved and needed better. All of this that I was carrying resulted in not being the mom I desired {angry, exhausted, frustrated, resentful, bitter, etc.} and I knew they didn’t deserve that and that’s not the mom I wanted to be. So in short I did it for my kids. How did I do it? Well, that’s a super long hard process {that took years} that included prayer, coaching, counseling, prescription drugs that made things worse for me, a natropath telling me that I was basically malnourished and pre-diabetic {that happens when you live off of sugar and carbs I guess}, food intolerance testing, learning to listen to my body, transitioning to a whole foods way of eating, exercising daily and paying attention to what I was feeding my mind and changing my thought patterns. This resulted in habit change; going from habits that weren’t serving me to habits that enabled me to be free. {This is what led me to go to school ~ to take my journey/all that I went through and be able to help others who are where I was ~ in a shorter amount of time than years!!!}

Enough about me and my journey {I hope you know by now if you have questions, I’m an open book, so please ask!}……let’s talk about yours. I see an awful lot of people today held captive by their past {I understand ~ where do you think those habits/thoughts/behaviors come from?}, and don’t know how to get unstuck, move forward or find freedom. Part of me can’t tell if its’ because they don’t know how or because they find comfort living in the grave? Pride? Not certain, but there sure is a block for sure. What do you think prevents you/us from getting out of that grave? We aren’t called to live in graves, friends. We are called to live fully, be free, yet so many aren’t. On this Easter Sunday, may I encourage you to spend some time thinking about what you need to let go of? What graves are holding you down? Isn’t this what Easter is all about? The fact that we serve a living God who brings freedom? What prevents you from walking in yours, friend?

As always, my hope is you know I’m here and happy to chat with you. We serve a living God who desires His people to be free. He died for that, so what prevents you from receiving and walking in that daily?

Easter blessings, beautiful friend. I believe in you and your FREEDOM SO MUCH!!
~ Melissa


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