School Shootings.

Something that is happening too often in our schools, to be honest.  I shared a quote from CNN on my facebook wall earlier this week and was informed the stats were incorrect.  At this point, I don’t really care if the stats are correct or not, one school shooting is too many.  And, in sheer transparency, my heart has become hardened to the school shootings until it happened in my home state.  Until I knew friends whose children are in that school.  Honestly, that saddens me.  It saddens me that as a Christian woman who has children, my heart was that immune to it.  Why?  Because I am a fixer, and this seems like something that I can’t fix.  So while I may not have the solution, I have learned that ignoring things certainly doesn’t make them go away, nor does it make things any better.  So here is my honest opinion on school shootings and the state of our country.

As I look at our society, I see people who are hurting, broken, walking around with past hurts and not having the means to process, work through, or heal from these events.  It doesn’t matter what they are, the point is we are a society that is always on the go.  I can’t help but think that is part of the “running mentality,” of us running from these hurts, instead of dealing with them.  We look in all the places for all the things to put salve on the wound, and while they may work temporarily, they are not lasting.  These things may include things like success, busy-ness, performance, perfection, video games {which may have violent themes in them as well}, addiction to shopping, food, drugs, alchohol, and the like.  We live at break neck speeds with our kids involved in all the things and for what?  Why are we doing this to our kids?  In an attempt to keep up with the Jones’?  To prove ourselves?  To feel something we aren’t able to feel because we are too numbed out from the pace and pressure of our lives?  To make up for what we didn’t get as children or what we think will make us happy?  Parents, it is time to wake up and start realizing our issues affect our kids.  It’s time to work through them and stop running away.  {And, yes, I can say this because I did it for years….I was a super angry mom, yet once I took time to heal, the anger dissolved.  Was it easy?  No.  Was it harder than heck?  Yes.  Did it involve a sacrifice of time and money?  Yes.  These are all the reasons people don’t seek healing ~ it is too hard, it costs too much, it takes too long.  Yet we continue to satisfy those desires/needs in ways that are temporal and only a quick fix.}  What if we were a society that gave people a place and space to share how they felt without being judged?  What if we weren’t all checked out and glued to our phones and could pay attention and enjoy life because we were healed?

How many times after a shooting does someone say “oh, looking back, I saw signs?”  Why are we not speaking up when we see something?  Are we afraid?  Again, I think this goes back to creating safe places where people can speak and share what they are seeing instead of being quickly dismissed or brushed off.

I can’t help but wonder if all this chaos and busy-ness mentioned above is also part of the issue with our health, and, yes, I’m going there.  So what does health have to do with school shootings you may ask?  Well, when we value something, we care for it, we make sure it is taken care of.  It doesn’t take much to see that as a whole, we could benefit from help in this area.  You see dogs left in cars on hot days {is that caring?}, you see kids who have complex mental issues being prescribed drugs without trying natural routes first {no, I am not against meds; I think however, we may be too quick to jump to that instead of trying to change our diets, heal our guts and get counseling/therapy.  There is a huge gut-brain connection.  If you’d like a great book to read about this, please let me know.  It’s legit}.  You see a society that is overweight because we are fed a boatload of crap that isn’t real food that is making us sick and killing us.  You see people addicted to their smart phones who don’t know how to connect in real life and are lonely and isolated and wonder why.  Sound familiar?  Do you see it too?  If not, I encourage you to get out of your house or church and walk around, friends.  It’s not pretty.  People are broken and hurting and using all these things to numb out and avoid feeling because we don’t know what or how to process our feelings so we look to other things to help us feel.  Make sense?

If we actually dealt with and or addressed the issue or were taught how, think of what society could be like?  The anger, the hurt, the rage might not be there.  Imagine….I can, it’s heaven.  And, yes, it’s time to bring faith in.  You knew I would go there, didn’t ya?  {Disclaimer, I am talking about Jesus, not the church, so if you have had a bad church experience, will you please not stop reading now, but keep reading and now that Jesus wants to bring healing to that and He can and will if you let Him.  He’s a gentleman and won’t without your permission.}  As I compare the state of our society with the Word, it’s easy to see how far we have fallen from the Word.  There is no little respect for authority {Romans 13}, children are not obeying their parents {Ephesians 6:1}, we aren’t loving our neighbor as ourselves {Matthew 12:31},  we lack self control {Proverbs 25:28}.  It appears that many children and even adults have not been taught these things!  If the adults don’t know, who is teaching the children?

To recap, this is a complex issue with many things at play.  We have the safety at the schools that is a part, we have the children involved in the shootings and the homes they come from {and access to weapons}, we have a society that sees the problem, knows change is necessary and needed yet maybe doesn’t know where or how to start so feels overwhelmed?, we have by and large a society of adults recreating a society of children who don’t know how to process their feelings or don’t feel safe to do so and as a result are checked out {using various methods to do so whether it be online, food, etc.}.  So what are we as a nation to do?  What are we as parents who are sending our children off to schools where we don’t know if they will be safe or not to do?  Let’s talk, I would love your feedback on this, please!  I think we all need to do something!   Oh, and again, in sheer transparency, I don’t think guns are the only problem.  {For those of you who don’t know, my biological father was murdered by a gun when I was 2, so I do have somewhat of a connection to the gun issue}.


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