A few years ago, I joined a network marketing company where they refer to their sales reps as “coaches.”  In all honesty, this was appealing to me, because let’s be honest ~ who likes sales people?  Most people don’t.  I had been there, done that in the world of direct sales and really wanted to do more than sell someone a product.  So, the idea of becoming a “coach” was appealing to me.

In all honesty, I did well.  I earned free trips for my success and one month, even placed in the top 100 out of the network of 200,000 plus coaches.  There is a framed $100 bill and autograph from the CEO of the company on my bookcase as a reward for that.  I loved the idea of journeying with people as they made health changes.

After leading literally hundreds of women through the program, something changed.  I changed.  I watched my step dad pass away in front of me.  That will change a person.  I remember during one of his last hospital stays talking with him about what he was eating and how it was impacting his health.  We were specifically talking about inflammation and I shared with him some dietary changes he could make if he wanted to decrease his inflammation.  {Note ~ he also had diabetes.}   My mom told me after that conversation that he was impressed with my knowledge and that I could really help people with what I knew.  That planted a seed in my heart that there might be more for me than this company {which I loved and still credit to my starting this journey.  And, yes, I still believe in and use the products.}  

I remember the night he died, it was sudden and I rushed to the hospital.  Our team was hosting an event on facebook sharing what coaching was with potential coaches who might be interested.  And, I was co leading it.  I frantically had to message my fellow team mates and tell them why I wouldn’t be able to participate.  Of course they understood and sent the most beautiful bouquet after he passed.

That whole turn of events changed me.  Watching someone pass away in front of you does that.  And, having knowledge that may have helped them does that too.  Fast forward to six months later, when I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute to become a certified holistic health and life coach.  

You may wonder why I paid for education when what I was doing was working.  The fact is, it was and it wasn’t working.  What was working was getting the word out and having the opportunity to help women.  What wasn’t working was helping them with habit change, lasting results and getting to the heart of the matter.  See, I’ve learned that weight loss is complicated…..it’s about way more than calories in, calories out and eating the right foods and exercise.  Other life factors including sleep, stress, hormones, etc. play a part.  Me sharing a product and a workout wasn’t touching on any of that.  It was making a dent, yes, but it wasn’t really helping women transform.  That’s my heart ~ transformation and healing.  And, it took me paying for an education and learning how to coach, how to journey with someone, which is about more than selling them a product and/or a program.

Part of the arrangement with this company is the coaching is free to the customer.  They purchase the product, they get your “free coaching.”  I use the quotation marks because there really is a science and an art to coaching I learned in my training.  In all honesty, this was a tension point for me for a while….do I integrate the two ~ my coaching with the products?  Focus only on the products?  Focus on the coaching only?  As of now, I have decided to focus only on the coaching.  While I do love and use the products still, I don’t know that they are right for everyone.  Coaching is.  My coaching can help anyone with anything they want to transform in their life {I am a health AND life coach, after all…another reason this school appealed to me, was I could do both. And, I know how interconnected health and life are.}  

Part of my heart is to help everyone, but the reality is I can’t.  I want to make my coaching affordable, as I don’t want to charge such high ticket prices and not have the stay at home mom be able to afford it.  My heart is to help and to serve and the truth is it does come with a price.  Why?  Why not offer free coaching?  Because I know when someone pays for something, they value it.  They show up.  They do the work because they are invested.  In all honesty, losing 2 dads before my 40th birthday has given me a huge value on time.  Not wasting it.  I don’t have the desire to be a bad steward of anyone’s time, including my own.  So there is a fee for my coaching.  The other reason is I invested in my own training, which adds value.  I’m not just walking around claiming to be a coach….anymore. 😉

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you on this, it’s been bothering me for a while, so I needed to share.  If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, I offer a complimentary finding freedom call that you can schedule here if you’d like to see if my coaching might be a good fit for you.  If you are ready to change, to transform and walk in freedom, I’d love to chat!


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