19. 21. 24.

Those are the ages of the shooters from the last 3 shootings here in the US in the last week.  3 shootings in 7 days.  Really??  Like many other concerned citizens, I am asking “why,” “what is wrong here,” “what is going on?”  

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through the possible scenarios ~ gun laws, mental health, even political party, faith, all the scenarios.  You know, right?  However, I would like to propose another scenario to consider.  The ages are pretty young of these shooters.  Yah, I wonder how they got a weapon at that age; I wonder how they knew how to use it  as well.  All the questions went through my mind as well.  But again, they were young.  And, who knows what trauma/hurts/wounds they have already had at that point in their lives?  We live in a society that is fast paced and doesn’t focus on inner healing.  We are more concerned with the external vs the internal.  We don’t offer people space and time to work through and process their emotions, feelings, hurts.  We don’t have a lot of opportunities for healing.  It’s more about hurry up and get it done.  

What if we stopped and slowed down and invested in our overall health ~ mental, physical, emotional and social?  What if we focused on internal healing as well as external healing?  What if our churches were trained and equipped to help others find healing that the Gospel shares about?  What if we weren’t about the quick fix mindset, but really rather about healing and journeying with people to get well, internally and externally?  What if we realized that people are broken and hurting and need help?  We all know the saying “hurting people hurt people.”  My heart is heavy to think of the hurt these people have gone through to walk into public places and just cold heartedly kill people.  My heart is heavy to think of those who are impacted/affected by this ~ the families, the bystanders, the children who will never see their parent{s} again because a person was so deeply hurting and decided to kill another person.  

I see all of the posts saying “thoughts and prayers”.  I’m all for thoughts and prayers as a woman of faith, however, I think we also need to take action.  It’s time to step up and consider the impact of overall health in this country.  I think it starts with us.  “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” is one of my favorite verses in Mark 12.  Again, my heart can’t help but wonder what would happen if we would love and care for ourselves and the way we treated those around us would be a beautiful extension of that love and care.  Yet, so many times in the church we hear “self care is selfish,” “you need to die to yourself.”  While, I understand and hear the heart of where this comes from, I’d like to propose we rise up and we be about healing, as Jesus was and is today.  It’s time we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, yes? 


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