In all honesty, I had no intentions of becoming or being a “weight loss coach.”  I just knew that when we transitioned our family from eating processed food to a whole foods way of living, and discovered what foods worked for vs. against us, everything changed.  And, I mean everything:

  • Moods improved {depression and anxiety}
  • Energy increased
  • Sugar cravings decreased
  • Weight came off
  • Our children’s behavior improved
  • Sickness decreased in our home

    This transition had such lasting impacts that there is no desire to go back!  We don’t eat this way 100% of the time, but the majority of the time we do.  Because, pizza 😉  Food has such a profound impact on physical health, and also mental and emotional health as well. 

So why do I focus on weight loss and sugar addiction then?  Because that’s my story, that’s where I was.  And, because of my heart of justice.  It breaks my heart to see so many thinking.  They are spending time and money on something that will likely not yield lasting results.  I know, I did that too.  It doesn’t work.  Weight loss is so much more complex than we are taught.  And, the guilt and shame that goes with that is real too. 

So, what do I do and how do I do it?  I teach women how to listen to their bodies and understand THEIR needs, not their spouse, or their bff, or their neighbor.  So many times we don’t know how to LISTEN to what our body is telling us and it’s always talking.  We have either been taught to ignore it, or push it down because of events in our past.  That’s where the confidence comes in.  So many think it’s reaching a certain size or number on the scale, but really it’s in understanding what your body is saying.  To understand physical hunger vs emotional hunger.  To understand hunger vs. fullness.  To decode what your body is asking for.

If you’re reading this and you have tried everything under the sun to lose weight and it’s not happening, it’s not your fault.  There is so much about weight loss that we are not taught, that isn’t talked about.  And, that’s why I’m talkin!  There is a better way to lose weight.  I invite you to hop on a call and learn about weight loss done differently.  You can schedule here.


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