What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Yesterday, I did a live video on my facebook page about “What Is It and Do You Need It?”  Of course, after doing the video, 1000 more things I should have said came to mind.  AAGGHH, anyone else struggle with that too?  So, here’s the high powered overview for you.  The more I learn about health, our bodies, our gut health and nutrition, the more convinced I am to share this message with the world!  {Side note ~ while my mouth is actually not big, God has taught me how to use it well for His glory!!!}  So, this is me living out my calling in obedience to Him.  This is not about weight loss, this is not about a size, looking good, fitting into a whatever, but this is about HEALTH.  We are inundated with a culture and mindset of weight, not health and then we wonder why we are so sick.  Look at the health of our nation, folks.  We are sick, we are tired and we are dying.  In large part, due to what we put into our bodies.  I won’t bore you with the science and data I’m learning about {which is fascinating, to be honest}, but I will say sometimes I feel like this is an uphill battle.

Why?  Because eating “clean,” isn’t the norm.  We are surrounded by sugar, processed, chemical laden foods everywhere we go.  And, don’t get me started on what the body of Christ {the church} is serving the bride of Christ. Very few recipes I see on my newsfeed in facebook are recipes that are giving us health and making us well.  Rather, they are having the opposite effect.  So, personally, I see a need for a resource of clean, healthy recipes to have at your disposal.

The other thing I notice on social media is the negativity.  My goodness, it can bring you down quickly if you aren’t in the right mindset.  So, what are you feeding your self?  Are you around uplifting, faithful people who are encouraging, supportive, and loving?  If you are, awesome!  Are they sharing resources and things they are doing to grow in their faith and become a better version of themselves?  {Personal development}.

Personally, I found all these things, but they weren’t in one place.  I wanted to find a tribe of other Christian women who want to honor God with what they feed their minds, what they feed their bodies and their fitness.  So, God gave me the vision of this site, I Am Free 2 B.

So, what is it?  Well, it’s basically a membership community where women can connect with other like minded Christian women and learn how to be good stewards of their bodies.  I share 2 clean eating recipes/week, 1 faith based blog/week, fitness tips and a personal development book suggestion for the month.  It’s a place where you can be free to be who God made you to be ~ spiritually, mentally and physically, all in one place!  For more info, check out my video on my page from May 2.  Do you have to be on social media to access it?  Nope, all the information is stored in our membership portal {website} which you will get access to as a member.

It’s designed to be affordable so more women can be blessed by it.  Can you give up 2 lattes/month at Starbucks for your health?  I think you can

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 It just depends on your priorities and what you need.  Do you need it?  I don’t know, that’s something only you can answer.  Personally, I know I need more Jesus, and more resources to help me be a better steward of what He gave me.  Especially in today’s culture.  I need community and to connect with others who are like minded on this journey.  It’s hard enough to do it on your own, so why not do it together?  Would love for you to join us!  If you have questions or would like more info, please let me know.  I do know that you matter, your health matters and you are WORTH taking care of! Sometimes that means giving up something that isn’t taking us in that direction so we can focus on or invest in something that will get us where we want to be.

I pray 3 John 1:2 over you ~ “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

To your health, for His glory ~

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