Hi there, my name is Melissa Rohlfs. I’m a wife, a mama and a holistic health and life coach. This is a picture of me with my family.  Becoming the mom you see here was a long, hard, overwhelming journey.  There was so much going on behind the scenes in our family with food allergies, autism spectrum, anxiety and my PTSD, we were in a state of chaos, anxiousness and overwhelm a lot of the time….then I started to do the research and understand the impact of food. Not only our bodies/weight, but our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. Our quest for total health opened up my eyes to the impact food has on our overall health, not just our weight but our LIFE.

I work with women just like me who believe motherhood is overwhelming and means losing yourself. It’s not something we may consciously say, though some of us do. But it’s there. Embedded in our hearts and thoughts. While we love our kids, we lose ourselves. So we compulsively eat sugar and carbs, over exercise or under exercise, over or under eat. Fundamentally, we don’t know how to care for ourselves while caring for our kids. We find ourselves screaming in our homes {or cars}, hiding in our bathrooms, crying, eating chocolate and falling apart due to stress and overwhelm. We feel that motherhood is a gift, yet it is a huge responsibility too. The terrible thing is we feel so much guilt about the responsibility and the way it weighs us down. That turns into the belief that it’s not ok to have these feelings, and if we do, we have to hide them under our supermom cape.

The truth is both emotions are real and valid. That’s where I come in. I help moms who have neglected themselves while caring for their kids. This neglect has resulted in exhaustion, sugar addiction and weight gain. Moms can thrive in motherhood without stress eating themselves into a tizzy and living off sugar. Better yet, you can thrive in motherhood. Yes, you. You can have this life. I know you can. I went from burnt out to free and it’s here for you too. Live fully! If you’d like to chat, I’d love to connect. You can find me here. Chat soon!


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